shout out to people who have seen you naked but you can still have regular conversations with


the best revenge against a nigga that did u wrong is stuntin on him. looking so fucking good that he wished he had another shot with u. making more money than him! making sure ur edges are in tact! making sure u getting a good night’s rest! making sure u ain’t lurking on his insta or twitter! being content with being alone! making sure u get that 64 ounces of water intake everyday! u can prosper without that nigga!!!!! 

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"My mind is saturated, absolutely infatuated. In fact inflated in fascination, optic nerves lacerated in the image of her greatness. If by chance I should find a replacement or forsake it, be sure to have me incarcerated. She speaks slow, never regurgitated, the room reinvigorated, brought back to life like resuscitation. The vibrations of her voice reverberating like the sounds of liberation. She looks my way and I reciprocate it without faking. Still I’m waiting, the air filled with hesitation. Asking myself is it destiny or desecration; a lost man standing in a barren wasteland. Obliterated by her single glare, beauty foolish to compare. I’m illiterate to her stare, she looks through my like I’m barely there. So do I dare retreat, or am I just a light post along the street? Or maybe she’s just a mirage in the city heat, transpired from all this humidity?" - Nav K, humidity (via navk)

"You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them." - ― Michael Jordan (via psych-quotes)

"have you ever considered that we lead ourselves on? we overthink everything; every touch, every look, every text. we create scenarios in our minds and imagine ourselves with that person, building it into something it isn’t, something it never was. maybe we need to stop passing the blame, maybe we break our own hearts." - (via yumegrrrrrl)

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2 cute to be hitting up niggas first 💕

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School might be out for summer, but who could resist a lesson in French from Camille Rowe? WATCH.

i love this, makes me want to learn french
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santacruz805 my favorite dude
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anais mali for dolce & gabbana skincare the vision: image of beauty
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